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FUT Hair Transplant in Islamabad Cost

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    Mr Cracker

    There was a great leap in hair transplant when surgeons started using FUT Hair Transplant in Islamabad (follicular unit transplant) instead of plugs. When hair plugs (a bunch of hair) were used to transplant, it produced very unnatural results. However, FUE brought a revolution in the hair transplant procedure, and created natural looking transplant results for the first time.

    Hair Transplant in Islamabad

    FUT is still a very popular method. Nowadays, the term FUT and strip removal method are used interchangeably. To understand FUT hair transplant cost and procedure, it is a good idea to compare it with FUE (follicular unit extraction). FUT and FUE are two popular transplantation methods nowadays. Both methods are similar in planting hair follicles; however, they differ in the way the donor hair are extracted.

    In FUT method, your surgeon removes a strip of scalp from the donor area. This strip contains thousands of donor hair follicles. Next, the surgery team separates these hair follicles into individual units. Now, these follicular units are ready for transplantation.

    In FUE, your surgeon extracts individual hair follicles one by one. If he needs to extract 3,000 hair follicles, he needs to make 3,000 punches to extract the required hair.

    As you can see, FUT offers an easier method to extract donor hair. That is the reason that the FUThair transplant cost is less as compared to FUE. A market research reveals that FUT costs approximately half as compared to FUE. If a 3,000 graft transplant costs 300,000 to 350,000, a similar transplant with FUT method will cost around 150,000. Now you may think that FUT must have disadvantages as compared to FUE—that’s why it costs less. Here are three points that you should consider in this regard.

    • FUT is more invasive
    • FUT produces a linear scar
    • FUE cannot harvest hair follicles from body

    However, if these points do not apply to you, you can reap the benefits of FUT and have an excellent hair transplant at half cost. Let us assume the following.

    • You are OK with the invasive nature of the procedure
    • Your hair loss is stable and you do not care whether you get thousands of pinhole scars or one linear scar.
    • You do not intend to use body hair for your transplant.

    Many people find that both FUT and strip harvesting method are well suited for their needs. If you are one of those, go for FUT hair transplant and restore your hair at half cost.

    Do you need more information about the suitability of FUT or FUE for your hair transplant procedure? Fill free online consultation form,and have an advice from experienced surgeons.


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